Progressive, specialized, professional and well-structured, CCI is a full service firm of corporate strategists, tax advisors, compliance experts and financial & marketing analysts. Whether you are a foreign company setting up joint ventures in India or an Indian business seeking project assistance, CCI develops, implements and monitors your business plans.

With an experience of over 29 years of value added expertise, at CCI we develop, implement and monitor entry strategies to India. A strong team of over 700 in house professionals across offices in Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mumbai and New Delhi and a passion for excellence, along with the highest standards reliability, inclusiveness and transparency our business dealings.

From Taxation to Business Advisory, Accounting to Accounting and Business Support and Corporate Strategy to M&A and Market research CCI is synonymous with reliability and international best practices as it provides handholding in a complex jurisdiction. We have built trusted and enduring partnerships by providing integrated solutions for setting up business and managing your regulatory compliances.

A vibrant cross functional and team headed by a dynamic leadership consistently ensure efficient results while a broad reach and expertise makes us the preferred choice of both SME’s and Fortune 500 companies across industries.

CCI has a Joint venture with SCS Global, an international group of advisory / consulting firms. Affiliations with over 39 countries and is a member of numerous trade chambers. We are also preferred consultants of the US Commercial office, the Swiss chamber, German chamber, Japan Trade Organization and UK Trade Offices and have prepared industry reports and managed visiting delegations. We respect knowledge, talent and gender neutrality among our work force, inspiring confidence and creating ideation. All our offices are partner led and are brimming with credibility, capability and ethics.

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Our Values

Integrity, trust and professionalism guide our value system. We are committed to excellence in client service. These qualities are reflected in our work ethics and enhance our credibility.



Building enduring business partnerships by making effective contributions to our clients through innovative business solutions and supportive implementation.



To achieve higher standards of professionalism by proactively providing our clients with the highest quality service within pre specified time limits.


To constantly aim for higher specialisation and to assign appropriately skilled professionals to meet all client specific requirements.


To build teamwork where all members are motivated to work together towards common objective.


To assist our expanding clientele through a strong national and international presence.