Spotlight is Now on GST Auditor
Saturday Sep 15, 2018

The auditor community has always been the cynosure with the government authorities as well as the public. We had Enron, the not-sorecent Satyam and the very recent flight of two highly sociable individuals, just a few amongst the multitudes of reported cases of money laundering, NPA’s and the like. Auditors, and their reporting, have had to face the brunt of scathing remarks of the intellectual community and the old concept of the auditor being a watchdog and not a bloodhound (though being a dog in either case!), somewhere lost its meaning. It is interesting to note how the government quite casually shifts the responsibility, which should be shouldered by the business community and / or the authorities, on to the willing auditors who take pride in being “Atlas” and bearing the weight of the world. And never once thinking of giving a “shrug”, toppling the burden and letting it roll away.

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